Patchwork Partnership

Rockwell is excited to announce its new partnership with the Patchwork Foundation.

Founded in 2012, the foundation seeks to promote and encourage the positive integration of under-represented and minority communities into the British democratic process. It creates a platform for everyone to become politically engaged, and ensures an open forum, without being tied to a political party.

The UK and especially London, are home to a multitude of diverse communities, all offering valuable perspectives. Through our work creating new developments and engagement with local communities, we see first-hand the need to provide people with the means to make their views heard. So, to help Patchwork continue their work in offering people a voice, Rockwell is providing funding to be invested in projects such as their Master Class Programme. This unique scheme offers 60 young people with a ten-month syllabus designed to enhance their professional and personal skills, through interaction with some of the leading figures of public life.

We look forward to working alongside the Patchwork Foundation and helping them with their future work.