Supporting debate in London

London is a leading stage for world class development, made possible through the sharing of ideas from design, architecture and planning. To help encourage an open conversation across London’s rich mix of communities and businesses, Rockwell has become a Corporate Supporter of The London Society and a Partner of New London Architecture.

Founded in 1912, The London Society is an established driving-force behind the continuous debates about planning in the city. Their areas of attention are extensive, ranging from housing, roads and railways, to bridges and airports. Additionally, New London Architecture is focused on guaranteeing an open discussion and information about architecture, planning, development and construction in the capital.

Both organisations seek to promote discussions around the developments that shape local communities and ensure that they are made accessible to all. Their fields of interest are at the core of the work we do as developers and we are driven by the opportunity to work in collaborative partnerships. Through an open forum we hope to share our experience with the wider community to promote progressive projects that enhance the landscape around us.

We are looking forward to becoming an active supporter of both groups and contributing to the conversations that serve to shape the future of our home city.

For more information about the London Society and New London Architecture see their websites here: and