Sleeping Out for Youth Homelessness in London

Rockwell Property is pleased to announce that the team will be taking part in Centrepoint’s annual “Sleep Out” in support of youth homelessness in London.

The event, which will be held a stone’s throw from the O2 Arena, involves spending a night under the stars to raise money for Centrepoint’s important work helping thousands of 16-25 year olds each year to find a safe place to live.

Whilst the event doesn’t aim to replicate homelessness or rough sleeping, it plays an important role in bringing awareness to some of the harsh realities faced by many young homeless people every day.

Centrepoint is an organisation which works tirelessly to transform the lives of thousands of young people each year, but that challenge is becoming more difficult and youth homelessness has increased in both London and across the UK.

The money raised from the Sleep Out will directly help young people find a warm, safe and stable place to live. It will also support research to provide a better understanding of some of the reasons why young people become homeless.

Should you wish to make a donation or sponsor a team member please follow the below link.