Rockwell Volunteering at Nomadic Community Gardens

On 9th July the Rockwell team turned our green fingers to an afternoon volunteering with our friends at the fantastic Nomadic Community Gardens at the heart of London’s Brick Lane.

In less than 4 years, the Nomadic Community Gardens team and countless volunteers have transformed what was previously a disused and uninviting area into a vibrant and unique community that enables people of all walks of life to come together and be part of something truly special.

The distinctive concept behind the garden is that it is “nomadic” and can be moved. Welcoming anyone to create and tend the garden, it can be moved in large-part to other sites and so will never be lost. It aims to create an inclusive space as a “meantime use” prior to redevelopment, with the Brick Lane site situated on land controlled by developers London Newcastle.

Not only do the gardens provide an inclusive laidback community vibe and a “third space”’ in an ever-growing city, but it boasts a range of flexible spaces with café, bar, children’s playground, sculptures and almost 200 allotments – popular among the local community – in addition to London’s largest mural.

The Rockwell team had the pleasure of a tour from the Creative Director, James Wheeler, who talked us through how the space is used and the vast ways it benefits the local and wider community in addition to those from further afield. We left our mark on the garden by painting a newly built pergola, set to hold a variety of community dance classes and workshops.

A fantastic exemplar of what can be achieved with vacant sites and community creativity – somewhere which everybody should visit and support.