Setting global standards

The Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has today published pioneering draft guidance for the measurement of land. Once adopted, the guidance will have far-reaching implications for development surveyors, planners, architects and government administrators around the world as the new standards become global best practice for the consistent calculation of land measurement and associated metrics.

Instigated by the RICS, which acts worldwide to regulate the property profession in the public interest, the new guidance has been lead-authored by Jonathan Manns, Board Director at Rockwell, who is our Head of Planning and Development. Recognised by the RICS as one of the foremost chartered surveyors and town planners, his draft Guidance Note on the “Measurement of Land for Planning and Development Purposes” is released for a world-wide consultation exercise which will run until 17 September, prior to formal adoption at the end of 2019.

With over 130,000 qualified and trainee professionals, the RICS promotes and enforces the highest international standards across the built and natural environment. Tony Mulhall, Associate Director of the Land Professional Group at the RICS, which commissioned the work, said: “The RICS is committed to regulating the property industry in the public interest, with the accurate and consistent measurement of land and property being absolutely fundamental to this. This Guidance is an important step forward which will harmonise practice in the built environment profession for the better around the world.”

Jon is a writer, speaker, lecturer, campaigner and founder of the APPG for London’s Planning and Built Environment. On release of the draft Guidance Note for consultation he made clear the potential benefits for built environment professionals and stated that: “This guidance represents a step-change in the way that land is measured around the world. By introducing a clear and standardised approach it will profoundly improve the accuracy and consistency of measurements for those buying, selling and valuing land as well as those seeking to propose or determine applications to develop it.”

The draft Guidance Note can be read and commented upon here: