Partnership with Boundary Community School

Rockwell are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Boundary Community School.

Boundary Community School was founded in 1982 and provides education, youth and employment support to the local community in Tower Hamlets, particularly those from BAME backgrounds and with English as a second language. We are delighted to announce that, alongside the London Training Centre, they will work to expand and deliver our existing skills training programme in the hospitality and visitor sector.

With support committed for at least 40 people, the first phase of training will be delivered as employment support in the form of CV preparation, interview technique, application support, job brokerage and accredited IT qualifications. As with others within our programme each participant will graduate with National Vocational Qualifications.

This new partnership will take Rockwell’s committed training and qualification awards for 2019-2020 to more than 250 people in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets alone; with 2020 promising scope for further expansion across other London Boroughs.

We look forward to welcoming the first students and celebrating in their successes.


Just say Your opinion.

  • Horun Meah

    13th February 2020

    Congratulation on acquiring the Salvation Army building on the corner of Rockingham Street.
    I myself have lived on Rockingham St since birth and have seen the road across the New Kent Road be transformed, whist myself and people living on the Rockingham Est. have had to endure all the developments and noises and all the other issues which come along, including traffic increase for years and workmen parking on the estates, to name a few. We have seen 0 investment in or around the Rockingham Es but seen tall buildings overtake the skyline, we have seen the closure of parks and community centres (DIckens Sq) off Harper Road.

    I have read about the founder, Donal, seems like a good man and someone who wants to assist disadvantaged groups and minorities, well Rockingham came up top (deprived) on a study conducted by Southwark Council in 2019, I can share this report with you.

    I pray and hope you as a sociably responsible company will bring some benefit to the community which you sit on the corner of Rockingham Street, we are your neighbours and we all want to create a better future and environment for everyone.
    Im looking forward to seeing the plans you have for the building and also for the surrounding area.
    Many thanks.