Joining the Conversation “Let’s Talk Hotels”

On 19th February Rockwell Board Director and our Head of Planning and Development, Jonathan Manns, was a keynote speaker at the Building Centre for New London Architecture’s sell-out headline event Let’s Talk Hotels, run as part of their current hotel and hospitality programme.

Drawing heavily on our Nomad City research and Rockwell case studies, Jon’s presentation explored the positive and often under-appreciated role that developers can play ensuring that hotels add social value to local communities and society as a whole. He spoke alongside Laura Hills (Planning Policy Team Leader, LB Southwark) and Nick Hartwright (Projekt).

Jon began by setting the scene in so far as the social and economic value of hotels is often less well understood than other uses such as housing and workspace. He then made clear that this fails to recognise the benefits they bring in terms of design, economy, training, activity and as a semi-public space. These were, he suggested, things which would likely only be enhanced in the future as we see increasing opportunities for flexibility and creativity in the sector. 

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