Rockwell welcome 2020 Patchwork cohort

On 24th February, the Rockwell team attended Parliament for one of our favourite annual events – to welcome the new cohort of “Patchworkers” for their induction onto the Patchwork Foundation’s masterclass programme. 

We are long-established supporters of the Patchwork Foundation, which takes those from non-traditional backgrounds and provides them with the training needed to build their skills and confidence, with a view to improving the diversity of civil society organisations.

Rockwell are sponsors of one of the two cohorts which pass each year through the Masterclass programme, which includes sessions from leading professionals and politicians, including past-Prime Minister’s, the Cabinet Secretary and our Founder, Donal Mulryan.

After greeting the cohort, we had an opportunity to get to know each other a little better. With so much enthusiasm and natural ability amongst these young people we can’t wait to build relationships with them each and to watch their confidence and network grow.

We wish each of the 2020 Patchworkers the best of luck for their year ahead!