Mentoring continues unabated in spite of lockdown

Those who have worked with Rockwell will be well aware of our passion for supporting young people.

The team are active fundraisers and – having supported Centrepoint, Shelter and LandAid – are on track to have raised over £20,000 in the past two years to tackle youth homelessness in London.

We’re equally passionate, though, about the opportunities which money can’t buy: somebody to listen, to encourage and to believe. This is what drives us to work with organisations in the communities where we work, such as Westferry FC in Tower Hamlets, which provide peer-to-peer support and encourage self-belief. It’s also why we love to mentor and, thankfully, the lockdown has not dampened our spirits.

Working with the Patchwork Foundation, we’ve been able to ensure that our 2020 Masterclass cohort of 30 people continue to receive the organisation’s exceptional training online, through live video-links to some of the most influential and inspirational people in civil society (this week, for example, BBC TV and Radio presenter Mishal Husain).

Jonathan Manns (bottom-left), Board Director, addressing 100+ Solihull School students
Jonathan Manns (bottom-left), Board Director, addressing 100+ Solihull School students

We’ve also been working to provide support to others on both an individual and organisational level. Our existing commitments have continued unabated, supporting those who are studying for degrees (i.e. Cambridge University, UCL, etc.) or professional exams (i.e. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Royal Town Planning Institute, etc) and attended property careers evenings for those still at school (i.e. Solihull School).

We’re passionate about securing the best possible built environment and, in sharing the passion that we have with others. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about how we could support a careers evening, provide mentoring or otherwise work to support opportunities for young people, please email [email protected]