The Future of Real Estate

On 14 July, Jonathan Manns, Board Director and Head of Planning and Development at Rockwell, appeared as a keynote speaker at The Plan magazine’s annual ‘Perspectives’ conference.

The Plan is one of Europe’s best established architectural magazine’s and online publications, which features detailed commentary in both English and Italian as in-depth articles on design and practice. Their first online annual conference drew inputs from around the world, with Jon appearing after his speech in discussion with Co-Founder and Managing Editor, Nicola Leonardi, alongside practitioners from Hong Kong and the United States of America.

Jon’s keynote tackled the question of ‘The future of Real Estate and Market Trends’ and, in taking an international perspective, Jon summarised the key drivers alongside their spatial and social implications. In setting out his thoughts, Jon painted a picture of a world in which the built environment would become:

  1. Smarter, more flexible and sustainable;

  2. With new forms of living and working, in new places, and;

  3. That has a greater focus on connections to ‘place’ post-completion.

As those we work with will know, the Rockwell team are always eager to share our ideas and to help in shaping best practice. This includes thinking about the types of places we should be working to create and the most appropriate ways by which to set about their realisation. To learn more or to collaborate with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via [email protected].