Dom returns as a mentor to the NLA’s ‘Next Gen’

On 11th August, our Director of Planning and Development, Dominic O’Loghlen was invited for the second time to offer his insight at the New London Architecture’s NextGen Speed Mentoring. 

NextGen is an initiative to support and promote emerging talent from across the built environment, with the ambition of championing the professional development of future leaders. 

During the virtual session, Dom spoke with five mentees to offer an insight to his experiences and career pathway, giving guidance and encouragement to those at the beginning of theirs. The session focused on Dom’s advice on seeking a career in development, also touching on the importance of sustainable development and how that shapes the cities we live in.

Dom said ‘it is a privilege to support the young future talent of London; it is great to share my experiences and pass on my knowledge to help the next generation build their career’.

NLA told Rockwell ‘The NextGen initiative identifies and supports young talent from across the industry, championing the professional development of the built environment’s future leaders. The speed mentoring sessions are a key part of the programme, bringing together experienced industry professionals with those just starting out in their career to give advice, tackle challenges and help support career progression. Both mentors and mentees gain so much from the experience, with a new-found insight into multiple areas and generations of the built environment industry.’

It was a fantastic session, and Rockwell are proud to continue to get involved and support the future talent in the industry.