Success for Rockwell’s inaugural Summer Intern

Rockwell launched our Summer Internship Programme in 2019, when we were joined by Ben Wilkinson. At the time, Ben was reading for an undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy at the University of Leeds, where he had a particular interest in housing.

During his time with us, he was exposed to the whole development life-cycle and assisted with research for our ‘Nomad City – The Future of Hotels?’  White Paper which was launched in September 2019. Having graduated, we’re pleased to share the exciting news that, following a lengthy and competitive interview process, Ben has recently found work as a Financial Analyst at Amazon Prime, having become interested in financial analysis whilst working with Rockwell’s finance team. Speaking with Rockwell, Ben said:

‘My time at Rockwell has proven to be a genuinely life-changing experience. Being exposed to a corporate environment and connecting with different individuals across the business helped me gain an understanding of what it’s like to work in the property industry, as well as the collective passion and expertise required to make things happen. I learnt how to engage with people from different backgrounds and had the freedom to explore the different skills which all combine to create great places. Importantly, my time helped me to realise the path that I want to pursue in the future. Working with Cameron and Edwin sparked a real interest in finance, which in turn has led me to my new role as Financial Analyst at Amazon Prime.’

Board Director, Jonathan Manns, who oversees the Summer Internship Programme, commented:

‘Ben came into our business with an open-mind and an interest in housing. In exploring this at Rockwell, he began to appreciate the different threads which run through the development process to bring about change. It’s a testament to his curiosity and willingness to learn that this experience was able to spark an interest in finance, and it’s a privilege to have been able to kindle that during his time with our business. We wish him luck as he continues to nurture and fuel this with Amazon Prime and throughout his career. Experiences such as Ben’s demonstrate the importance of extending a helping-hand to those that follow us and the difference that can be made if such opportunities are available.’

Rockwell are always pleased to offer support to those who share our enthusiasm for creating great places and who share our values. To learn more about our Summer Internship Programme or collaborate with us at any stage in your career, get in touch via [email protected]