Business as Usual

Rockwell are delighted to reveal our second cover for the Estates Gazette!

The Estates Gazette, which was launched in 1858, has been the primary news source for the UK property industry for nearly 160 years. Over this time, the coveted weekly cover has waved a flag for some of most significant developers, advisors and agents in the country as they’ve shaped and championed our built environment.

Following the success of our first cover last year, where we sought to capture the spirit of our team by looking “above and beyond”, this year has for many people been a period of reflection. We’ve tried to capture this experience and the fact that, whilst we’ve had to accommodate some temporary changes at work and home, it’s still very-much business as usual for the Rockwell team! The cover reads:

We might be apart but we still work together;
We might be distanced but we still work closely;
We might be at home but we are still at the office;
It might appear quiet but we remain busy;
Whilst we might be detached our ambitions remain aligned;
We aren’t shaking hands but we still treasure our partners;
Some doors might be closed but ours are wide open.

Our cover marks the second year of a partnership with the Estates Gazette which, over the coming few months, which will be defined by more news, podcasts, roundtables and events. We look forward to seeing as many people involved as possible and, should anything we’re working on spike your interest, please get in touch with us via [email protected]