Keeping Families Together Launches ‘The Lounge’

Members of the Rockwell team joined the opening of a new girls youth club in Wandsworth

This week, the team was delighted to join the Wandsworth community to celebrate the official opening of a new space for local charity, Keeping Families Together.

‘The Lounge’ will be a youth club for girls from the local community to access activities and learning opportunities in a safe and encouraging environment. This new space will be an extension of Keeping Families Together’s important ongoing work, which includes supporting young people and families with day-to-day issues, ranging from school exclusions to navigating social services and helping with family courts.

Last month, members of the Rockwell team completed ‘Mount Everest’ at our Westferry development, Vetro, climbing 2,700 storeys and raising over £2000 for Keeping Families Together. The team were proud to see how the funds raised are helping to support this important charity to expand its support for some of those who need it most in the Wandsworth community.

Speaking at the opening of The Lounge, KFT Founder Dee Makwana said: “I have seen what the families in this area have gone through. We want to keep a family together as a unit and support them as much as we can. That’s really important. And making the community feel, again.”

A representative for Youth for Christ added “For us, the most exciting thing is looking at this room and the opportunities we have to actually help, support and change young girls’ lives. We want to offer here a place where they can explore life, have conversations, learn how to cook and then we eat together.”

The Lounge will be open every Thursday 3:15-5:30PM at Earlsfield Baptist Church, SW18 3NZ.

For more information about Keeping Families Together’s important work, visit: https://www.keepingfamiliestogether.co.uk/