Narrow Street: A perfect mix of history and modernity

Narrow Street is an area of London which you could confidently argue has it all.

From humble beginnings, Narrow Street has become one of the most desirable spots in the capital, a perfect mix of history and modernity, with picturesque Georgian houses neighbouring the very best of modern luxury living.

Located in Limehouse, a short walk from Vetro, Narrow Street was for decades a thriving centre for the shipping trade, providing vessels with all they required to undertake their onward journeys safely. The street was such a hive of activity that there was little room to walk, leading to the name that has stayed with it since. Street signs also tell us about the area’s multi-cultural history – in the 1800s, Chinese sailors adopted Narrow Street as home, thus bringing London its first Chinatown, with many local streets owing their names to the influence of these very sailors.

Central to the area’s heritage and character are its historic riverside pubs and restaurants, all of which are rich with literary and creative history, with the vantage point offered by the river having acted as a source of creative inspiration for centuries.

The view from London’s oldest riverside pub, The Prospect of Whitby, was depicted by renowned painters, Turner and Whistler in the 1800s. Charles Dickens also visited the establishment; however, it was The Grapes, which captured his imagination, appearing in his novel, Our Mutual Friend. The Grapes has maintained its links to famous figures, now belonging to star of the screen, Sir Ian McKellen. As the host of a weekly pub quiz, The Grapes exemplifies the sociable and lively spirit that is at the core of Narrow Street.

The idyllic waterside location can be enjoyed on a visit to the beach, or at high tide from the terrace of one of the wide range of restaurants and bars Narrow Street is home to. Gordon Ramsay’s recently refurbished Bread Street Kitchen, formerly The Narrow, is one such restaurant. Housed in a Grade II-listed building, it offers the perfect setting to enjoy fine dining or a drink at their elegant bar.

But to suggest the area’s vibrance is its only appeal would be a disservice, for its green spaces, beach and tranquil canals make it a true oasis in the middle of the city. In the well-maintained public park, Ropemakers Fields, humans and their canine companions can lead active lives by making the most of the open space, complete with a dog park and tennis club.

Rich in history but alive with the vibrancy of modern life, Narrow Street offers its residents and visitors the opportunity to have it all, with no need to compromise on the things that matter most.

And just a stone’s throw from Westferry, it’s conveniently located on Vetro’s doorstep.

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View of Narrow Street from Vetro

View of Narrow Street from Vetro