Rockwell launch Masterclass series with Sarah Healey CB

On 30 March the Rockwell team were delighted to commence our 2021 Patchwork Masterclass series with Sarah Healey CB, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport.

Sarah launched our series at precisely the moment that she passes her 20-year anniversary with the Civil Service, providing an opportunity to reflect and offer some detailed career highlights, describing her journey to DCMS.

Sarah was candid in admitting that she had considered a move away from the Civil Service following the referendum on membership of the EU, but had found the two and a half years working on negotiations and preparation for the UK’s departure to be one of the most challenging and interesting periods of her career thus far. She also offered advice on how her leadership style has evolved: at the beginning of her career she had thought that leadership was about convincing others although she has since realised that listening to others and understanding other’s perspective is key.

This was, as always, an inspiring first Masterclass for the Patchworkers and a good opportunity for the team to catch-up with our cohort. We look forward to meeting with them and Sarah again as the year progresses