Rockwell visit local charity, Keeping Families Together

Members of the Rockwell team met with Dee Makwana, Volunteer Director at Keeping Families Together, to find out more about their remarkable work in the local area

On the back of Rockwell’s Charity Night Walk across London, Managing Director, Nicholas Mee and Board Director, Dominic O’Loghlen, visited local Wandsworth charity, Keeping Families Together, to gain further insight into the inspirational work of the charity and its admirable team who provide much-needed support to families in the borough’s social services system.

When it comes to child protection and child in need meetings, they’re the ones who stand by the side of families, and they work closely with social services, schools, parents, and other professionals to empower families and minimise the risk of young people becoming isolated in society.

What’s special about Keeping Families Together is their early intervention approach – the sooner they get involved, the better chance they have to successfully support families. They support young people in gang exit, by providing alternate pathways, and parents, by providing support in understanding assessments and navigating the family court system. The charity’s work doesn’t stop there, they also support young people and parents struggling with mental health issues.

Last month Rockwell was pleased to raise more than £1,500 for the charity by walking 30km across London to show its support for Keeping Families Together and the volunteers who work tirelessly to support those most in need.

To learn more about Keeping Families Together, visit: https://www.keepingfamiliestogether.co.uk/